Woodland Park Zoo

Project summary

The challenge was to take the nearly 30-year-old identity of Woodland Park Zoo into the 21st Century by repositioning it as a fun, learning experience (for visitors) and as a serious conservation leader (locally and worldwide). Then take that refreshed brand platform and create a successful capital campaign to help fund on-site improvements.

Following an audit of zoos from around the world, Phinney Bischoff created a striking logo inspired by the idea of getting “up close.” We created the visual language and brand guidelines for use in multiple channels, including the website which features vibrant imagery and a more compelling user experience. And finally, we launched a capital campaign via a suite of integrated materials — all of which were strategically centered around the campaign tagline “More wonder, more wild.”

Today Woodland Park Zoo is thriving as a nationally-respected leader with increased atten-dance, strong recruiting efforts and a solid donor base. The capital campaign, encompassing eight strategic initiatives, was a major success, with the Zoo reaching 86% of the $80 million goal in the most recent measurements. The brand evolution and capital campaign will dramatically increase the Zoo’s impact and ability to engage communities in valuing and protecting the wonders of wildlife well into the future.

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