Array Health

Project summary

Array Health is a healthcare software company re-inventing the insurance experience for consumers, employers and insurers by applying e-commerce principles to power private insurance exchanges. With substantial growth underway, Array Health was looking to expand their influence as an industry player without abandoning their start-up culture and mentality. However, the Array Health website was not delivering the results they needed or communicating their culture of innovation effectively. Not only that, but the website was difficult to maintain and the user experience was cumbersome.

Phinney Bischoff launched into a comprehensive research phase and conducted internal and external interviews, a competitive audit, and developed audience personas. From this research, we drew out three key ideas that Array needed to own: Array knows their insurers’ end-users, they are a software business dedicated to solutions for private exchanges, and they were able to nimbly provide custom solutions for an industry in extreme flux. These distinctions set Array apart from competitors and were a cornerstone of the new Array website strategy.

Our team delivered, within a two-month tight schedule, a well-designed website with improved navigation and brand positioning that also allowed the Array team to manage their content efficiently without IT support. By refining their brand and expressing it more strategically, we helped Array position themselves as an adaptable and resourceful company within the changing healthcare industry. Array has recently landed a number of marquee clients, $13 million in funding, and with the launch of their new website, is now positioned for future growth opportunities.

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