Esterra Park

Project summary

Capstone Partners was preparing to start construction a new, 300-million-square-foot multi-use real estate development in Redmond, Washington. The project’s surrounding area was generally regarded as a non-descript assortment of strip malls and office parks. They needed to create a distinctly upscale image with a destination feel to successfully attract their desired commercial partners and leasing rates.

The first step? A name and identity for the project and, more important, a way to talk about the development that would entice a discerning audience of commercial brokers, property managers and business leaders.

Phinney Bischoff created a brand platform—“inviting connection,” inspired by the project site plan and the development’s tech-friendly focus—that provided a springboard for creative. With the brand platform in place, we worked with Capstone to name the project Esterra Park, a combination of the Latin words for “to be” and “ground or country,” alluding to the indoor/outdoor consciousness of the property.

With a brand platform and name in place, we designed an identity to create a modern, inviting feel. Extending the identity into a way-finding system for the office park and public art for the common areas created the strong destination appeal Capstone wanted.

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