Portland State University

Project summary

Portland State University, like many of the nation’s public institutions, was struggling to do more with less. Phinney Bischoff was selected to help develop and implement a campus-wide marketing campaign that would unite the school’s fragmented marketing & advertising efforts and ultimately improve engagement across a variety of audiences — especially among a large, but disconnected alumni base.

Phinney Bischoff knew that it would take more than a campaign slogan to unify PSU’s marketing efforts and affect noticeable change. The first step was formation of a multi-disciplinary marketing committee to insure key stakeholders were included in every step of the process.

A thorough discovery process, including audits of competitive university marketing, PSU’s existing research and brand communications, along with a quantitative survey, provided a solid foundation for creative development. Multiple campaign approaches were developed and tested via focus groups, which helped insure relevance across audiences and build confidence among marketing committee members. The final campaign, called “Fearless,” highlights the independent spirit PSU students and alumni share, and showcases the many, noteworthy accomplishments of Viking grads. Campaign materials include an in-depth implementation guide, including sample extensions for different audiences and departments, to help make roll-out as effortless as possible.

Phinney Bischoff worked closely with Alumni Relations on various applications of the Fearless campaign to meet their specific engagement and fund raising objectives.

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