Sight Connection

Project summary

For close to 50 years, Community Services for the Blind and Partially Sighted was most recognized for collecting household donations sold at Value Village to benefit the organization. When they changed their name to Sight Connection to reflect all they did for the community, they didn’t widely publicize the change or new logo design. Further, the colors of their new logo didn’t register well for individuals with low vision and were too similar to the competition. Brand awareness plummeted since donor households thought that Community Services had discontinued its business.

Phinney Bischoff’s assignment was to help reintroduce Sight Connection to Western Washington, and rebuild brand equity by regaining and increasing brand awareness. Accessibility was a driver of our design: we employed best practices to create a visual system that was as legible as possible to their partially sighted employees and clients, while also communicating the value of the organization to those in the sighted community. Our design development featured adequate white space between letters and words, colors with good contrast, and simple, solid typography with special attention to the space within letters as well as letters or numbers that look similar.

We recommended a tagline that made the important connection to the organization’s roots – “For the Blind & Partially Sighted” – and a themeline – “Adapt. Learn. Thrive.” – that communicates an empowering message of independence. Our bold, clean logo plays off the six-dot Braille grid to show the transformation that comes from connection, and the color system features punchy, primary hues that set us apart from the primarily blue and green palette of the competitive landscape. Our distinctive, professional visual language featuring Braille-inspired graphics is also better suited to support fundraising activities, communicating the important role this organization plays for the community. Our brand guidelines are used by marketing partners to update all materials, including their organization and retail websites, paper and e-newsletters, donation materials and environmental signage. 

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