Project summary

Glosten had grown to become a strong regional player in the marine engineering sector. While their current reputation was positive and enviable, the warmth and true appeal of the Glosten experience was not accurately represented. Furthermore, Larry Glosten’s founding legacy of innovation, collaboration, and dynamic company culture was not being leveraged to tell their unique brand story. As a result, Glosten asked Phinney Bischoff to help evolve their image to make them more appealing among prospective and existing clients, as well as new employee recruits.

Stakeholder interviews confirmed that even after four decades, Glosten was still building upon what Larry Glosten started. That regardless of the project, innovation was a driving force behind every solution. This founding principle inspired a modern logo, which represents an abstract image of a ship’s hull. The blue represents Glosten’s marine expertise and the green and red symbolizes their approach to guiding clients to innovative, practical solutions. Visual development also included marketing collateral and a new website, which allowed Glosten to showcase their diverse portfolio of projects and capabilities.

We partnered with Glosten to unveil the new brand at a company-wide rollout event. The brand was well received by even its most discerning associates, with many sharing their gratitude for a job well done. Each associate received a gift bag with new logo apparel. It didn’t take long before they emerged proudly as Glosten’s brand ambassadors, wearing the branded jackets and hats. The Glosten associates continue to carry the new brand forward while extending it to other marketing materials, such as a trade show booth and event materials.

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