Making healthcare work better

Case Study, Posted on June 15, 2018

Premera is engaged in a multiyear commitment to making and inspiring change in the complex industry of healthcare—and Phinney Bischoff has been working right alongside them to help shape and share their message. While many health insurers promote healthy living, Premera is actively tackling the realities of a broken healthcare system. Care is too expensive, people often can’t get the care needed, or receive care they don’t need. Premera is changing from the inside out, with a goal to make a real difference in their members’ lives. 

A Purpose to Inspire

Across all our projects, Premera has embraced the value of research to inform their business strategy as well as our brand strategy and creative decisions. We used insights from extensive audits, focus groups and executive and senior leadership interviews to help form the foundation of their strategic plan.

We then collaborated with leadership to turn those insights into solutions that would galvanize action. Premera’s new purpose and values, coupled with our brand essence of Passionate Advocate, became the touchstone for company-wide decision making and the inspiration for our creative expression.


Premera debuted their new Purpose and Values during a company-wide annual meeting with an inspirational video to rally employees and signal purposeful change within the company. We crafted the script from employee quotations that expressed their willingness to create a customer-centered culture.

Redefining the Premera Brand

Building on the company’s renewed purpose, we sought to define how Premera shows up for its members. After in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape, we explored a variety of found imagery, color palettes and phrases to test key concepts about healthcare and Premera’s market position. To narrow these concepts, we collaborated with Premera’s research team to test and validate with consumer focus groups.

Ally, Champion, Advocate

The results of the eight groups in Premera’s markets of Seattle, Spokane and Alaska confirmed that the essence of Passionate Advocate resonated most with our target audiences. 

The Tools of Creative Expression

As Passionate Advocates, Premera is focused on the customer experience, improving purposefully and serving passionately. Our new visual language is designed to support that mission, communicating the calm, ease, and relief customers feel as a result of having an advocate working on their behalf. 

We equipped internal and external teams with brand guidelines, messaging frameworks, personas and custom photography to express the brand in distinctive, authentic and memorable ways.


We developed a journalistic style that captures the joy and sense of relief experienced in the lives of Premera customers. The black and white hero portraits are supported by full-color lifestyle photography that feels authentic and unguarded.

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Bringing the Brand to Life

Brands come alive when employees can become stewards – and for an organization like Premera with a mission-driven focus on the customer, it is essential that the brand connects both externally and internally on an emotional, very human level.

With the goal to inspire and inform, we worked together with our client team to infuse the physical spaces of their headquarters with all aspects of the brand.

Foundational Strategic Planning

Based on observations from site visits and client input, we defined zones in both the Mountlake Terraceand Spokane campuses by their purpose, how audiences interacted within them, and messaging strategy recommendations.

Messaging as a Meaningful Journey

From banners along the campus drive to lobby graphics and a redesigned main hallway, brand-inspired messages tell the story of Premera’s differentiated position.

Engaging through the Environment

Premera’s sales team uses the messaging in this hallway as three-dimensional talking points with prospective clients.

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Better Begins with Us

The centerpiece of the installations is the Wall of Advocates which features more than 400 employees standing behind their pledge to improve customers’ lives by making healthcare work better.

In Their Own Words

Focusing on empathy, we integrated actual testimonials from online feedback to demonstrate the impact employees can have on their members.