Project summary

Embracing the reality that America’s healthcare system is broken, Premera embarked on a mission to change for the better. They identified the need to evolve their corporate culture of “operational excellence” and set a goal of being the most customer-centered company in healthcare. In support of this work, they knew they needed more strategic tools to express this new culture, and to motivate and inspire employees to provide the best experience possible for their customers.

Phinney Bischoff’s brand strategy process included interviews with company leaders, research review and synthesis, focus groups, and the development of essence and creative territories for testing. Together with our client team, we developed a brand platform and essence of Passionate Advocate, supported by a transformative visual language that put the customer at the center of all Premera does. Focusing on the experience and making it simple and easy for customers, beyond just providing insurance, is their north star to drive change.

We built a brand strategy that delivers the desired customer experience, equipping internal and external teams with tools to communicate the brand in a distinctive, authentic and memorable way. Key touchpoints include an inspirational internal video to rally employees and signal meaningful change within the company; photoshoots to build a custom photo library; and a campus-wide branded environment initiative that reflect the new visual language and messaging. 

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