The Bloedel Reserve is an award-winning public garden located on Bainbridge Island, WA. Having been privately funded since inception, the organization’s Board of Directors recently decided to transition to a donor-supported operating model to ensure that the property will thrive for generations to come. Recognizing that this approach would require increased engagement with new audiences, Bloedel Reserve approached Phinney Bischoff with the task of refreshing and invigorating their brand identity.

We led an in-depth research process to better understand how and why various audiences engaged with the reserve. The research revealed that audiences were primarily drawn to Bloedel Reserve due to the unique opportunities it provided for personal connectionswhether with other people, with nature or with one’s self. Our team also saw an opportunity to leverage Bloedel’s natural beauty in a way that promoted the idea of “reflective tranquility,” rather than focusing exclusively on the landscape itself.

These findings led us to the core of what Bloedel stands for, Creating Connections in Nature. Drawing inspiration from this brand essence, we developed the brand platform which includes the personality, attributes and guardrails. Our design team then developed a new logo and visual language that signaled both traditional elegance and modern feel. Infused with an inspiring brand identity and a new website, Bloedel Reserve readily welcomes all visitors looking to make true connections in nature when visiting their scenic and beautiful grounds.