09 / 01 / 20

What collaboration looks like now

The global move to a remote mode of working is nothing short of a sea change. It probably accelerated the shift to a more decentralized office model by three or more years. And yet, in Phinney Bischoff’s case, we found the transition to be a seamless and overwhelmingly positive one.

07 / 21 / 20

Design Over Time

First jobs are rarely glamorous, but mine was shelving books in the sub-basement of the University of Georgia’s Map and Government Information Library. Not the basement mind you, but the sub-basement. This gig, dull as it often was, exposed me to a vast range of printed material while earning my design degree.

06 / 05 / 20

Stepping Up

I’ve struggled to put in words all the things I’m thinking and feeling at this challenging, deeply troubling, and extraordinary time we are in. Quite the understatement. A worldwide pandemic, a recession, government failures, centuries of systemic racism exposed in the ugliest way possible, police brutality, and civil protest. Still with all that going on… I am hopeful. Why?

05 / 13 / 20

Sharing Inspiration During COVID-19

We created a series of phone wallpapers for download that feature uplifting graphic treatments and inspirational messages. Each reminds us of the importance of community and how much better we are when we all work together.

04 / 14 / 20

COVID-19 Update

During these challenging days, sometimes the only way through is together. Now, more than ever, is a time to support our community and each other.

11 / 14 / 19

SIC Conference Round-Up

This year’s Seattle Interactive Conference was on fire, with one amazing speaker after another sharing their thoughts on all things related to the creative industry: content strategy, UX, design, brand, DEI, AI—you name it. Here are some top-level takeaways that have inspired lots of good conversation for the Phinney Bischoff team.

06 / 24 / 19

Is a Logo Just a Logo?

Logo. Such a simple word. We all know what it means, right? Or do we? We took some time to break down the some of the basic definitions of what a “logo” may actually entail.