Our team of designers at Phinney Bischoff is well-seasoned in using empathy and intuition–paired with a proven methodology–to inform our creative decision-making. During COVID-19, there is no guidebook for any of us to follow, yet we are collectively compelled to put our abilities to use for good.

When thinking about how we could contribute, we kept coming back to themes of community, togetherness, beauty, positivity and joy. This thinking led us to create a series of social media posts inspired by all the good we see happening in our community. We focused on the basic tenets that enable perseverance in hard times: stay strong, stay involved and stay hopeful.

As we all begin to evolve from endurance to re-establishment, we’re offering a small gift that we hope can bring you a bit of joy each day. We’ve created a series of phone wallpapers that feature uplifting graphic treatments and inspirational messages. Each reminds us of the importance of community and how much better we are when we all work together.

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