Better, Everywhere

OAC Services is a construction and design management firm based in Seattle. Their culture is unlike most traditional construction firms and is more like a tech company. They needed help articulating that culture in a way that resonated with their clients and potential employees.


Our discovery process—which included a competitive audit, and stakeholder and client interviews—helped clarify the role of technology in OAC’s services and the most appropriate way to speak about it. Our findings also led to a streamlining of their brand architecture by recommending they sunset a sub-brand. We then carved out strategic themes for their brand strategy. Working together with the OAC leadership, we arrived at a brand ethos which crystalized their culture of continuous improvement while focusing on their clients’ bottom line: Better, Everywhere.

Expressing the Brand

This new brand ethos served as the springboard for their messaging framework that was extended to all service lines, as well as a new visual language. Our work culminated in a new website that showcases the new strategic focus for OAC, including messaging and brand expression.