A dynamic new site for a growing global brand.

Sparkling Ice—the fruity, fizzy, flavorful sparkling water—which began just a stone’s throw from Seattle is now a global brand with more than 16 classic flavors and five +caffeine flavors enjoyed by people around the world.

Engaging the customer

To support continuing brand growth, Sparkling Ice needed a new website—one focused on the consumer and better aligned with the marketing and growth strategies of its parent brand, Talking Rain Beverage Company (TRBC). As TRBC’s star product, it was time to reposition sparklingice.com as the place to drive prospective and current customers to purchase the products—and to continue to engage customers with meaningful, compelling content. In addition, Sparkling Ice launched an entire new product extension—Sparkling Ice +Caffeine—which meant that they needed a new home to introduce their new offerings.

New features enhance the user experience

Through our findings from a robust competitive analysis, and workshopping and journey mapping with our client team, we created a new content strategy, user experience, UI and back-end framework for the website that offers more content for users to explore, deeper functionality and an engaging design reflective of Sparkling Ice’s fun and vibrant brand. We incorporated micro-interactions and animations to create a delightful and engaging experience that not only reflects the personality of the brand, but creates a more rewarding and memorable experience that differentiates it among its competitors. And users have access to a breadth of content related to each of the unique flavors, such as suggestions for other flavors they might like, quick connections to social posts and fantastic recipes for spritzers, cocktails, smoothies, ice cream treats and much more.

Making it easier to buy

Sparkling Ice is now able to provide users the information they need to find and purchase their favorite flavor—easier and faster. We upgraded the purchase flow, simplifying the process and elevating the experience through which customers buy either online or in stores. And users now have direct, on-site access to information about current retailers nearby, product costs and available stock.


The flexibility for growth

Using a modular approach, the new back-end framework allows scalability and flexibility for Sparkling Ice to launch new product extensions. It also allows TRBC to quickly and easily launch new product websites that are cohesively on brand.

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