Versapay, a payment solutions client, came to Phinney Bischoff with a fantastic opportunity. Heading into trade show season and eager to highlight a new offering that closed a key gap in transaction processes, the company needed a comprehensive set of assets to roll out in their event space as well as the event cities, Houston and Las Vegas. In addition to the graphic campaign our team would design and produce, their plans included integration of a virtual reality experience at the booths, social media campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and live promotions teams who were on the ground at the events distributing collateral and helping guide conference attendees.

Phinney Bischoff drafted more than 30 initial concepts, which we narrowed down to four key themes for the initial client presentation and then down to two for final consideration. There was a lot of initial excitement around the concept of Mind the Gap. Building off the idea and the synergy of the two teams, we brought it to life visually across the various canvases where the campaign would be featured.

Once the design and concept were finalized, we got down to details, providing very specific, detailed designs for 5 different booths, 6 different kiosks, an elevator, 2 buses, 3 large scale digital walls and digital ads of various sizes, and a 200 ft digital billboard broadcasting from the Hilton West Tower in Las Vegas.

The end result was some of our biggest work yet (literally). We worked hand in hand with multiple vendors, to help make sure that all arms of the creative were consistent, and that the overall vision for the campaign was intact.

The animated campaign visuals brought the static nature of the kiosk, booths and bus ads to life with movement, texture to catch the audience’s attention and remind everyone walking by to Mind the Gap and remember Versapay.