A site to help end homelessness

Wellspring Family Services is a social enterprise nonprofit whose mission is to end the cycle of family homelessness. After completing a rebrand, they sought out Phinney Bischoff’s services to bring their digital identity to life via a new and engaging website experience.

Research and user personas

We began with a thorough review of all existing market, analytics and user research conducted to date and supplemented it with a competitive landscape analysis and content audit to inform user persona development for seven audiences: donors, EAP brokers, EAP clients, volunteers, prospective employees, social services clients and behavioral health clients.

Information Architecture

We worked with the Wellspring team to explore the pathways their users would take on the website, and mapped how out each persona could be served by the content and experience. Based on these work-session learnings, we developed a sitemap, content outline, and UX strategy, to inform the design of wireframes and website functionality.

Design and Development

The design of the site needed to not only demonstrate the services provided by the nonprofit, but address a unique audience for their Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) offering. This aspect of their organization required a distinctly different entry point, and a slightly different version of their brand expression to resonate with EAP brokers and clients.

To ensure consistent messaging, we developed all copy for the site as well.
The site was built on WordPress to allow the Wellspring team to efficiently and effectively manage and update their content as needed.

Visit Wellspringfs.org to see the full site.

“We wanted to sincerely thank you and your team for exceeding expectations and helping Wellspring to further our mission. Our beautiful new website represents us so well, and we are proud to share it with colleagues, donors, clients and friends. Phinney Bischoff has been lovely to work with – thank you!”
The Wellspring Team