Late last month, University of Washington and Washington State University teamed up on a state-wide marketing and public affairs campaign focused on making the case for public higher education—that it’s affordable, achievable, and worth the investment. The two universities are aiming to dispel myths and misperceptions that question the value of higher education. The goal is to not just help students across the state get to college, but to graduate and go on to do great things in their communities.

It’s a message we at PB can really get behind. We were thrilled to have been brought on as the strategic and creative partner for the campaign. Working with both universities, we developed a campaign concept to anchor the campaign, as well as creative execution of the chosen concept, campaign messaging, and creative guidelines.

The final campaign—Yes, It’s Possible—takes a straightforward approach that directly addresses primary concerns: Is higher ed worth the investment? Is it necessary? Is it even possible? It also aims to inspire audiences to feel undeterred and empowered by the idea of college as a viable choice.

The campaign went live with a heavy, targeted digital push and some great press coverage across the state. In the coming months, expect to see public radio underwriting, streaming radio spots, Spanish language media and a robust social media campaign. We’re proud to have teamed up with these two venerable institutions to help simplify and clarify a complex, emotionally-charged message and help more people across the state understand the value of higher education.

University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce (left) and Washington State University President Kirk H. Schulz (right).

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