Over a decade of Pride

For over a decade, Phinney Bischoff has been proudly partnering with BECU to help them celebrate the stories, identities, and joy of the LGBTQ+ community at the Seattle Pride Parade. In 2010—their first appearance at Seattle Pride—BECU brought Phinney Bischoff onto the project to extend the BECU brand to their parade float.

After that first successful partnership, we kept the momentum going, coming back each year to support BECU. These Pride events have served as an opportunity to work closely with our client partners as well as another space to support those who identify as LGBTQ and their allies.

Bringing it together

Each year, preparing for the Pride Parade is an all-hands-on-deck event. Phinney Bischoff works with BECU to develop a campaign look and feel that is extended across several deliverables from a decorated float with music, to t-shirts to hand outs, and even tote bags! From creative brainstorming to hooking up audio to picking up hammers, we are shoulder to shoulder with BECU in producing their Pride brand expression and joining their contingent at the parade. We coordinate closely with a team of trusted vendors to ensure all equipment and swag are delivered on time and with quality. It’s our favorite example of how we work with our clients, putting collaboration first to build impactful creative.

Extending the brand

That creative has produced an array of designs and forms. In the past, this has included extensions of their annual campaign, unique expressions riffing off the Pride’s theme (the result of strong client-agency brainstorming), and direct brand expressions.

While the brief has shifted over the years, Phinney Bischoff has been given the permission to design creative that stands as a unique expression within the BECU ecosystem. This has included introducing hand-written type and new colors into the creative, designing standalone pieces that tie the missions of Pride and BECU together and putting BECU’s community (members and beyond) at the core.

Uplifting each other with pride

In 2023, we were given the directive to design with a message versus a headline in mind—putting Pride and community first. Working with our strategy, creative and client teams, we developed the message “Uplift Each Other With Pride,” tied to bright, colorful creative that brought together iconic Pride imagery alongside the BECU brand.

Embracing diversity and inclusivity aligns with Phinney Bischoff’s ethos of “People First” and BECU’s message of “People Helping People.” We work together to ensure each campaign is authentic, representative, and something that is heartfelt rather than marketing driven. It’s an opportunity to throw our creative weight behind messages we truly believe, and a chance to live our values together.