New homes with history

A leader in the affordable senior living industry, SHAG Community Life Foundation (SLG) came to us in search of a new identity that established independence from the national SHAG organization. Phinney Bischoff built them a new brand from the ground up: We created a new brand strategy, verbal identity and messaging framework, renamed them, and then crafted a vibrant new visual identity. The client was thrilled to relaunch as CIRC, an organization based on the ethos of Empowering Choice and the belief that every person deserves a home, dignity and respect.

Developing a look & feel

Our team brought the ethos to life through a symbol of welcoming houses encircling a central community, with a playful wink and a nod to a sunflower or a bright sun. The logotype echoes the circular form of the symbol with a friendly yet confident tone. The CIRC color palette was designed to be as cheerful and welcoming as the people who worked there. Tempering and grounding the brighter colors is a range of green shades, which also places the CIRC brand firmly in the Pacific Northwest. This palette spun out into colorful applications, proudly conveying the new brand to the world.

The Tools of Creative Expression

CIRC’s identity employs a variety of graphic elements to add visual interest, reinforce certain messaging, and reduce reliance on photography. 

There is so much excitement about this, even from longtime folks who have seen other branding efforts come and go. They say, “It feels like we’re finally doing this right and becoming a grown-up organization.”
This has been an incredible journey for our organization, and I feel deeply fortunate we have walked it with the PB team.