Career Potential for All

Eightfold’s vision is to find the right career for everyone in the world—a goal of such significant scale that it can only be accomplished using artificial intelligence and the world’s largest global dataset. Eightfold came to PB with the following challenge: to differentiate the company in an increasingly crowded landscape and to fuel demand among C-Suite and HR leaders.

Our charge was to develop a strategic campaign narrative (or “North Star”) to work alongside Eightfold’s existing brand mission: Help each organization unlock the potential of their workforce and each person fulfill their ideal career path.

Unifying Mission and Message

We supported this with an integrated messaging framework that spanned audience segments and served as the foundation for advertising, PR, investor relations, analyst relations, and customer-facing content and advocacy. This created the framework for a consistent, differentiated drumbeat in the market.

Turning Data Forward

We arrived here via an extensive discovery process that included a competitive audit and one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders from around the world. Our strategy team revealed key themes that spanned Eightfold’s business and customer base: Eightfold has established the right to lead in the category with vastly superior deep-learning AI and unrivaled data sets. We learned that leadership at enterprise-level organizations routinely struggle to find answers with data that only looks backward. 
We had an opportunity to not only break down silos, but offer a solution that actually looks forward.

We leaned into these findings with a campaign that amplified Eightfold’s leadership position, while demonstrating how Eightfold could solve the audience’s day-to-day problems.

Redefining Talent Insights

Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform delivers real-time insights about each individual’s skills, potential, career trajectory, and more. It’s no longer about titles, education, roles someone has held in their past. It’s about seeing emerging patterns, transferrable skills, and ultimately realizing someone’s full potential. Seeing what they could be. This was the inspiration for the campaign theme “See Greatness Everywhere.”

From Breakthrough to Breakout

The campaign was brought to life visually and verbally by connecting with the Eightfold master brand, while creating a dynamic look and feel that drew prospects into the funnel. We introduced new headlines, copy, visual elements, and photography via an integrated campaign tool kit comprised of social, email, event graphics, video and a landing environment. This ensured that the Eightfold team had the essential elements to continue building upon and expanding the campaign.

The result is a campaign that embraces the corporate brand, while standing apart to breakthrough in a competitive marketplace. And it doesn’t stop here. We’re excited to test, learn, and optimize this campaign alongside our incredible client team.