Conservation and development have been at odds with each other for generations. Even those who identify as environmentalists may balk when faced with environmental regulations regarding what they can and cannot do with their property. A group of motivated experts from the Wood River Land Trust, Trout Unlimited and private individuals with a passion for angling, teamed together to form a new non-profit, focused solely on protecting the Big Wood River located in central Idaho. They needed a strategy, a name and a brand that people would be proud to wear and promote.

Shifting from big ideas to big actions.

How can we shift the desire from “what I want to do” to “what should we do?”

Even though this new organization was closely aligned with these large non-profits, we needed to carve out an identity apart from the Wood River Land Trust and Trout Unlimited. To do so,  we worked to identify the intrinsic ethos of the organization—as well as the aspirational vision to build the foundation for this new entity.

We began with a comprehensive competitive audit and comparative analysis of analogous brands to identify the ecosystem of this new brand. We also conducted extensive stakeholder interviews to understand local perceptions, challenges, and identify specific communication issues and/or unmet needs.

Our discovery helped inform the development of the organization’s brand platform, centered on the brand ethos, “We do.” This action-oriented north star galvanized the tone and energy of the new brand.

Putting a name to the work.

Naming a new hyper-local brand was fun. Informed heavily by the audience research and local vibe, the client team provided the freedom to be cheeky in our naming explorations. The end result: Project Big Wood. 

In tandem with naming, we wanted to give Project Big Wood a way to talk about themselves and their mission to their audiences. Not everyone can see there is a problem, and how we talk about the work needed to be unified under a clear voice. To support Project Big Wood and their mission, we developed key messaging that focused on defining the problem at hand, educating audiences on the problem, and creating both a sense of urgency paired with clear next steps so those audiences knew there was a path forward through Project Big Wood. As a classic grassroots effort, we created a framework to help create ambassadors who can influence their unique networks.

What does it look like?

Building on the newly established brand platform, we developed an identity for Project Big Wood to carry the organization into the future. It’s worth noting that this group is lively, spirited and poised to make a big splash with this organization and its efforts to protect and preserve the Big Wood River. Our client team’s direction: The more fun and in your face, the better. 

Leveraging the brand ethos, “We Do,” we explored ways for Project Big Wood to be expressed in a way that is fresh, vibrant and reflective of their “Get Stuff Done” mentality. It needed to also embrace a sense of collaboration and inclusion. The result was a dynamic typographic treatment with a nod to a trout’s tail that also suggests a confluence of a river and even partnerships. We extended the brand to a comprehensive visual language and guidelines for their internal team to reference for brand roll-out and launch efforts.

What does success look like?

At brand launch Project Big Wood wanted to put action to their mission, the desired outcome including multiple levels. First, to hit the scene with a punch and generate interest with community members eager to show their support by collecting and proudly displaying their swag. But, over time, transitioning that support into action and donations, making this an organization that is set up to grow and evolve and remain for years to come.